10 Creative Ways to Make Money Using YouTube

YouTube is world’s #1 video sharing site. You must have visited the site million of times for some help and videos. But you can make money off YouTube too. Here is how:


1. Sell your own products

You can sell your own products on YouTube just like Cassey Ho who now makes a six- figure income. She started with a channel on fitness, Blogilates and Pilates with an e-commerce feature.

2. Tutorials

Telling people how to choose and apply makeup can land you big bucks. One such case is Michelle Phan who creates makeup tutorials. Her sharp tutorials and vivacious persona made her an instant hit on this video sharing platform.

3. Create a series

“Kids React” series (a series that shows kids and teens responding to pop-culture and other viral videos) has had over 360 million views on YouTube and the brothers who created this series can now afford to hire a team of employees to work with them.

4. Review affiliate programs

If you know how a product is used to get results, then is there is a chance you could make some money off YouTube. This is an easier, faster and most effective method and all you have to do is promote affiliated products and link them in your description. This method will enable to make a lot of sales.

5. Create a single hit

We all are familiar with “Gangnam Style”. The hit was composed by South Korean rapper Psy and it went viral later on, the rest is history. Now he is a multi-millionaire just from Google ads on his YouTube video. Teen artist Rebecca Black also had million views on her single “Friday”.

6. Let your voice be heard

If you have a mesmerizing voice or at least it can have some affect on masses then it is time to let it be heard on YouTube. Ted Williams was down on his luck until a lucky encounter with a videographer from Columbus Dispatch. Now he has been on many TV shows and offered voicework from well-known companies.

7. Become a YouTube partner

Online video advertising is a hot trend these days and you could also make some money by becoming a YouTube partner. These are usually featured on the site’s homepage which means you will have more views and hence more money. However, you must have enough subscribers before applying for this program.

8. Start a YouTube competition

If you can make your completion fun, exciting and offer a great reward, you have a chance of generating enough exposure for your company or project. This is basically a win-win for you and the competitors.

9. Sell links in your video description

This includes directing your visitors to another site or source.

10. YouTube rentals

This is the most recent method to make money off this site. In this method, the creators of content are asked to offer their content on rent and then share a portion of this profit with YouTube.

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