10 Money Saving Tips for Single Women

Going broke every month isn’t going to land you a role in “two broke girls”. So why strain yourself and end up with no cash at the end of every month. Single women usually have all their money to themselves (some save for family too). So in order to avoid the rainy days, here is what you should do.


1. Be a creative shopper Being brand conscious is one thing and being brand obsessive is other. You can pick up a few classic pieces from well known brands and mix them up with trendy ones and you just got a new outfit.

2. Set a monthly target Set a particular amount of money you aim to save each month and stick it in your home, somewhere it is regularly visible to you. Going a little bold and neon would help.

3. Shop at the end of month Don’t rush to malls right after your payday. It will eat up half of your finances and is destructive habit. Instead save all thorough the month by managing your finances better and whatever is left after clearing all the dues is your shopping money.

4. Cook at least once a week Ordering pizza for dinner every other night is going to cost you a lot in the long run, not just for your wallet but your weight too. So you can opt for healthy eating habits such as oatmeal and muesli for breakfast and something similar for lunch. Make it a habit to cook on the weekends. You will not only be saving money, and eating healthy stuff too.

5. Schedule your outings Being a social butterfly isn’t bad as long as you are not spending everything on drinks and high tea. Having some fun with your girls or gang is in fact necessary for a stress-free you! However, put aside your ‘social butterfly’ allowance each month to ensure you don’t spend everything on it.

6. Keep only one credit card Unless you want to end up like Becky Bloomwood (confessions of a shopaholic) do what she didn’t! Keep only one credit card and set a limit according to your personal financial situation.

7. Keep an achievement record You can go old school and rate and grade yourself on your savings program. When you achieve your goal, do whatever your kindergarten teacher did- mark with glittering stars!

8. Reward yourself You can reward yourself on every goal you achieve like indulging in spa or fancy nail art. Just make sure to splurge wisely.

9. Buy something concrete every 3 months If you have been eyeing the latest Smartphone or a fancy piece of furniture then buy something of this sort every 3 months, this will make sure you save for it and have the results right in your sight.

10. Have a “5 ringgit jar” Every time you get a 5 ringgit note for a change, just slip it in jar. You are now saving without even realizing. You would be surprised how much your effortless savings adds up to.

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