10 Things You Are Wasting Money On

We get it that you are fed up of recession and the overshooting prices. But ever paid attention that may be you too are wasting money on certain things.

Take a look here:

1. Magazine and newspaper subscriptions

Seriously! The same articles are available online too, for FREE. Why would anyone pay to read them? Beside you only sell them later for less than one fourth of price. Do the math yourself.

2. Printer ink cartridges

Do you buy brand new ink cartridges every time your printer runs out of ink? Well then you damn well know how nastily expensive they are. Instead you can get them refilled at half the price.

3. Insurance

Insurance companies do know how to strip us off all our savings and cash all with the promise of a secure future. Well, you do need insurance in certain areas but don’t shell out blindly because you are supposed to. Make sure you get the best deal.

4. Restaurant and prepared food

We all have been there and seen the ridiculous prices of restaurants and prepared foods at grocery stores. Though it is a good idea to treat yourself once in a while but learn to cook and you would be glad, you did. It is not only cheaper, but a healthier alternative too.

5. Nutritional supplements

You know our species existed even before the introduction of nutritional supplements like protein shakes, vitamins and energy drinks etc. The secret being- healthy eating habits. A well balanced diet is essential for god health. Period.

6. New Cars

What is the need of buying a new car when your previous one is working just fine? You buy a model and within few months the automobile companies upgrade that too. So now you want the newer version. Whose loss is it in the process?

7. Jewelry and Precious gems

The entire jewelry market thrives on uneducated buyers who have no knowledge how the system works there. Before you buy any jewelry just know that it is subject to volatile changes in price and high markups. The rates keep changing with economy.

8. Second rate entertainment

The best things in life are free; the second best are very expensive. So do not settle for second rate entertainment and waste money on movies and games instead take a look around and see what makes you feel happy. There are other things to do like hiking, diving or simply watching the sunset.

9. Nasty habits

Remember what our teachers taught us about some habits such as drinking, smoking, gambling etc. lets refresh your memory and recall that they not only suck your money but are life threatening too. So why waste your precious money on such money and life sucking habits.

10. Luxury name brand products

Why do people shell out so much money just for the sake of logos and names? If you want good quality then go for it with reasonable rates. Why on earth would so defy all logics of practicality and reason and still go products with sky high prices? Remember “Bagwati”???

The bottom line is, pay only for what you are using and also use logic while paying.

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