10 Ways to Earn Pocket Money Online

Do you realize that you waste a decent amount of time sitting in front of your PC and doing- Nothing! However, you can utilize the same amount of time to do some simple time and get paid for them too. Here are some ways to earn pocket money online.


1. Take surveys

Taking online surveys is one of the easiest ways to ensure pocket money online. But these are not recurring jobs so you cannot really count them as a major source of income. Also, for a majority of such jobs you will have to wait for the right opportunity to strike.

2. Take gigs

You can earn some pocket money by doing some simple online gigs. These are very interesting too given you can do mystery shopping and take pictures of parking lots, testing mobile apps! And then get paid for them. All you need is an Android or an iPhone. Gigwalk is one such site that offers you a variety of such tasks.

3. Test websites

Certain websites pay you to test their websites and give your feedback and reviews.UserTesting.com is one such site.

4. Do simple online tasks

Simple online tasks will even get you reward points and gift cards. CheckPoints or Shopkick are some sites which offer you the same.

5. Proofread

Some sites pay you to proofread their stuff. You can also9 get paid for certain simple tasks such as customizing a wordpress template.

6. Sell your skills

If you are good at something then you can sell your skills and earn some pocket money meanwhile. There are marketing jobs if that interest you. You can also do quick odd jobs for Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. You can also answer tech support questions at FixYa.com.

7. Microjobs

It is one of the easiest ways to earn some pocket money online. This is basically a marketplace for short, one-off tasks. Some sites pay you to do certain tasks such as Fiverr pays you $5 for a simple task. You can also mention your own services or reply to service requests.

8. Start a low maintenance side business

Well, microjobs are a good way of earning pocket money but they do not offer regular and recurring deposits into your bank account. To get more income, you will have to polish your entrepreneurial skills and start a side business.

9. Freelance

You can use your marketable skills to make money through freelancing. If you enjoy writing, for example then log in to certain sites which will pay you for that. Blogging jobs also pay you to post regularly.

10. Make money off your own website/ blog

You can always make money through your own blogs or passive- income producing websites. This will include using affiliate links/ ads or offering information products for sale. You will also a need a good amount of traffic on your blog before you decide to make it mainstream. You have a better chance if you have a particular niche and are ready to do some marketing.

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