10 Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time Doing Simple Online Tasks

You can always make money online and though it takes a lot of patience and perseverance and hard work to make large bucks, you can always start from the scratch. Most of them are not regular jobs so you can choose to work according tour whims. Just beware of online scams that offer quick and easy money in no time. Here are top 10 ways to make money doing online tasks.


1. Research Study

There are excellent research opportunities available online. One such is Harvard Business School Computer Lab for Experimental Research (CLER). As a participant, you can earn $15 to $40 or more. These studies only ask you about decisions you would make in various business related desicpiles etc.

2. Take Surveys

Taking online surveys is one easy way of earning money in your spare time. There are various sites which let you do exactly that. Just answer a few questions and get paid for in return.

3. Focus Group Participation

20|20 research has been providing companies with qualitative research since 1986. Focus groups help them in completing such researches. Certain domains of focus groups include: online studies of usage of cellphones and electronic gadgets.

4. Artificial Intelligence Tester

Given the way Artificial Intelligence has been making waves since a few decades you might want to try your luck at it. Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk is 0one such place where you complete odd jobs like looking up companies’ hours of operation, ideas for marketing projects, online transactions and many more.

5. User Tester

What else could be better than visiting a website and then giving feedback about it and then being paid for that! It is very easy to do and earn a few bucks. UserTesting.com is one such site where you get paid $10 for visiting a website and provide live and honest opinion about it.

6. Tech Support expert

FixYa.com is one such site where you can earn $2- $6 just for answering a posted question. You can make more by helping them in chat ($6 – $10) and even more if you help them via phone or written tips.

7. Blogger

If you already have a blog then you can make money through it by posting ads on it. Commission Junction, Linkshare, Google AdSesnse are some of the sites which help you do that.

8. Freelance

You can also start with freelancing. This only requires good writing skills. Depending upon the amount of work you are doing and the originality of your work, you can earn well in this field too.

9. Test Apps

This will not earn you large amount of bucks but still enough for your pocketmoney. You just have to test apps and give your feedback about them.

10. Do simple tasks

Doing simple online tasks can help you make money. You can do mystery shopping and get paid for that. Some sites require photographs and videos. You can do whatever you feel comfortable with.

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