10 Wonderful and Effective Money Saving Tips

Money is what keeps us moving and directly or indirectly all our problems can be solved by money. Improving your finances improves your happiness in general. So here are some ways to improve your finances.


1. Use cash

Instead of relying on credit and debit cards spend your cash for stuff such as eating out, buying groceries etc. when you pay in cash, you make spending more realistic and you also have an idea of how much you are spending or when you might run out of cash.

2. Small weekly savings transfer

You can make relatively small transfers each week and send them to your savings. This way you will not even notice and you will have more in an year.

3. Stay home

It is a simple fact, when you go out you spend unnecessarily. It is actually hard not to spend when you are on the road or in the mall or market. Instead, stay home and save cash. You will also bond with your family in the meantime.

4. Don’t get catalogs

When you get catalogs and e-mails from companies selling stuff, you are naturally tempted into buying something you don’t even need. So stop any such subscriptions right away.

5. Keep a 30- day list

This one is nice trick of freeing yourself from temptations of stuff you don’t need. When you have the urge to buy any such stuff, put it in a 30-day list. By the time 30 days are up the need or the temptation would be long gone.

6. Cook at home

Eating out is nastily expensive so the alternative is to cook at home. You don’t have to be a chef to cook at home. You can try various recipes at home and they will not only be much healthier but cheaper too.

7. Talk with your spouse weekly

Talking is the best way to solve any crisis or revert it even before it occurs. When you talk to your spouse, you make sure that both of you are on the same page and you can also agree on general spending and your financial goals. You will see that communication really is the key.

8. Pay savings and debt first

When you sit down to pay your bills, make the first bill you pay be your savings transfer and your debt payment.

9. Unclutter

Unclutter your home from all the stuff you don’t need. When you unclutter you make life much simpler and more peaceful and you can resist the urge to buy the stuff that will just clutter everything up again. Once your home is simple enough, you will not want to go back.

10. Exercise at home

With a lot of people hitting the gyms these days you can take the route less travelled and exercise at home or a neighborhood park. Nothing works better than nature. Instead of running on a treadmill, try the local tracks and yoga. You will not only feel better but save money in the process too.

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