5 Cannot-Afford-to-Forget Tips for Every New Freelancer

Nothing is better than freelancing if it is going good. Not every freelancer is the same; therefore, not every freelancer earns the same. Your profile speaks about everything you have done in the past. In general, clients prefer experienced freelancers, but not everybody there is experienced. If all the clients choose experienced freelancers, there would be no work for starters.

Being a new freelancer, everyone is prone to commit some mistakes. Here are some cannot-afford-to-forget tips for each and every new freelancer, irrespective of his/her work domain.


Tips for Brand New Freelancers

Make a Good Profile

You cannot afford to develop an impressive profile. Your profile should have all the information completed in respective fields, including the profile photograph and bank account verification. Verified bank account proves your profile to be genuine.

Choose Clients Wisely

Do not apply to clients who do not have verified payment method. Instead, look for clients who have verified payment method and have made payments in the past. Look for client’s history, if required.

Read All the Project Instructions Carefully

Just do not go through the project instructions quickly. Read instructions carefully. Understand if you have the skill-sets required to complete the project within the allotted time-frame. Once you feel you can complete the project to perfection, go ahead to apply.

Apply Appropriately

You cannot frame one cover letter for each and every client, because every client is different and every project is different. Spend some time on making a decent, but professional, cover letter for the project you are planning to apply to.

Ask for Upfront Payment, Always

Never ever work for free. Do not believe anyone. Once you have the project, ask for upfront payment, generally 25-50%. Do NOT start off with the work without upfront payment. Do NOT deliver without the upfront payment, in any case. As you cannot believe anyone, there is always risk to lose your money.

Apart from the above, new freelancers should always deliver projects in time. As they have to build their reputation and profile, they got to be reliable. Hope these tips prove to be helpful to every new freelancer out there.

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