Creating Niche Blogs to Earn Huge Money Online

If you are already into blogging, you must be aware about how it works. If you are new to the blogosphere and planning to come up with something new, this post is for you. Usually, when you plan to start a blog, you tend to choose the topic and domain name based on the global searches.


Each and every blogger wants that he/she have maximum visits on his/her portal, and for this reason, the person goes for a topic and domain with maximum searches across globe. Just imagine, if everybody does like this, where would other blogs go? If every blog has keywords that are most searched, where would the less-searched keywords take you? Of course, the less-searched keywords will take you to the (their) relevant blogs! Let us see how it all goes!

Niche Blogs

There are internet users who are looking for something very unique, like cupcakes, dogs, etc. Now, there are very less number of blogs catering to these users. Indirectly, you have a great chance to bring these internet users to your blog. Also, the competition for keywords is very less if you choose to start a niche (absolutely core) blog.

Less Visits

Obviously, because the information on your portal is not being searched by larger community, the visitors on your portal will be less; but, you always have an option to promote it via social media and other channels. The more you promote, the better the visits.


Obviously, if you are not doing it solely for some social cause or to give value to the readers out there, you would not monetize your blog. Else, you can always earn through Google AdSense, Buy Sell Ads, and other similar methods. Also, there is no dearth of sponsors for portals with unique content!

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