How to Earn Using Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is an amazing portal, undoubtedly. Not only it helps you connect with people in your life, but also gives you chance to promote yourself, your products, and earn. Not many of us use Facebook to earn, or do we! Not a news, but Facebook Fan Page can help you earn some easy bucks. Below are some of the steps!


How to Earn Using Facebook Fan Page

Create a Unique Facebook Fan Page

First of all, you need to find a niche subject on which you will create your Facebook Page; a subject that is liked by millions and millions of people! Once you have decided the subject, create a unique page; a page so unique that people get attracted towards it. Make it interesting and hep. Attract as many followers as possible. Now that you have good number followers of your Facebook Fan Page, you can bring it into action.

Sell Developer Apps

Place developer applications on your Facebook page. Every time the application gets downloaded via your page, you earn. Just for example, even if only 50 followers download the application out of 2,000, you earn up to $100. Now, that’s easy money! What say?

Advertise for Local Dealers

This is one of the safest options to earn. Once you have decent number of followers on your Facebook Fan Page, you can approach the local dealers to advertise for them, and charge them accordingly. Once the cycle starts and the word spreads, you can add in more dealers and increase the price for advertisement.

Social Advertisements

This is somewhat similar to what you do in a blog – offer advertisement space. By offering spaces to ads, you can earn via pay-per-click. Every time any one clicks on any ad, you earn.

Promote Affiliate/Referral Links

A lot of people pay you to promote their product via your famous Fan Page. You can agree upon some mutual terms and start off. This will just be effortless earning, because you have already done the hard work earlier; this will be the time to reap benefits.

We wish you find the above ideas to be useful to you. We hope you put them into practice and start earning more!

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