How to Make Huge Money Flipping Domains

Whenever you plan to start a website, thinking of a perfect domain name is the first thing to do. You always with to have a perfect, more searchable, and holistic domain name for your business or blog; and, if lucky, you find it available. Ever thought that a good domain name can fetch you great profits? Yes, it can. A domain name that has high searches can sell for manifold its original cost.This is one of the best online businesses people are into these days – flipping domains. Many people have made their fortunes flipping domains only. Let us see how you can make it big by flipping domains.


How Can You Sell Your Domain Name

Flippa is the place where you can sell your domain name, only if you feel it has great value in the internet marketplace. If you feel that your domain has really high value, you can go ahead and register yourself on It takes just $30 to put your domain for sale on Flippa. At this space, people interested on your domain name will bid on it. Obviously, a great domain name will fetch more bids. You can also keep a reserve price and “buy it now” price for your domain name.

Sell Your Website

You own a website that is giving you constant, but low, revenue, and you feel that you will not be able to maintain it near future; you can put it for sale on Flippa. In general, your website can fetch you nearly 20 times the average monthly revenue produced by it. Example – if you website is earning $100 per month, you can price it at $2,000 on Flippa; and there are chances it fetches more money than $2,000!

Dedicated Approach

Spending whole day searching for a great domain may seem foolishness, but it is certainly worth it, for selling on Flippa. In general, you can buy a domain for nearly $10 from any of the websites. If you feel you have found a decent, or even a great, domain name available, buy it immediately. Put it on Flippa for $100. If it sells for $100, you earn more than 100% profit on your deal. Isn’t that great? Once the cycle starts, you can buy premium domains and sell the same at higher price. Also, there is always an option to work on a particular site for a month or two, and then sell it for great price.

Just to assess the extent of profit people are making flipping domains at Flippa, you will need to analyze the portal closely! Go ahead, visit

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