How to Make Money Out of Your Blog Without Advertisements

Advertisement is the quickest and easiest method of earning through your blog. However, it can be a little tough to get advertisers at times. There are times when you are looking for advertisers, but none turn up. Also, at times you realize that Google AdSense is not the best of tools for you to earn sufficiently. Well, there are things you can do make money out of your blog other than advertising. Let us see what all options you have!


How to Make Money Out of Your Blog Without Advertisements

Sell an E-Book

A lot of people out there are looking for some experience in blogging. If your blog is at a good position and has decent number of regular visitors, you can write and sell an e-book on your portal. Put all your experience in the e-book and price it smartly (affordable). Once your e-book is a hit, you’ll be a rich blogger.

Offer Your Services

You can offer your services through your blog, especially if you are a content developer, SEO professional, designer, or nearly anything. People will be able to see your work on your portal. Moreover, this way, you’ll expose your services and skills to large number of people. Make sure you have all the things in your blog immaculate.

Sell Links

Only if your blog has a good Google Page Rank, you can sell your links to bloggers who are looking forward to it. Make sure you keep this exercise within limits as it can also be treated as a spam by number of search engines.

These are the sure-shot methods to help you earn decent amount of money without advertisements. Making money from your blog is both easy as well as tough at the same time. You just have to wait for the right opportunity and work with the right strategy.

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