How to Make Money with Google AdSense without Having Your Own Website

There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to make money online. If you think you got to have your own blog or website to earn, you can be proved wrong the next minute. There are various money-making models working in the online world that allow everyone to earn; even the people who do not have their own website.

First thing that will come to your mind if we talk about earning through Google AdSense is that you should have a portal of your own. Well, it is not cent percent true. Here is how you can earn through Google AdSense even if you do not have your own website!


Earnings without Google AdSense

A lot of companies run their blogs on the Google AdSense revenue sharing model. Now, per this model, you get a percentage of earnings that are made through your content. The revenue generated by AdSense gets shared between the portal and you.

What to do?

To earn via the aforementioned model, you just have to look for companies that are offering AdSense revenue sharing model. Once you get approval to work for such an organization, you just have to post your content on its (company’s) portal. Per the revenue sharing model, the revenue earned by the page of your content will be shared between you and the company according to the agreed-upon terms.


There are companies that even provide lifetime sharing of revenue. According to it, you will receive the percentage of revenue earned by your content for lifetime. Isn’t that great! One can really earn good money if the content is interesting and high quality.


Your earnings totally depend upon the terms and conditions of the portal offering AdSense revenue sharing model. One thing is for sure – the more you write, the more you earn!

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