How to Mint Cash Being a Mystery Shopper

If you love shopping and have some product and service reviewing skills, a lot of companies are looking for you! There are organizations that pay you not only to shop, but also to give your review on the shopping experience.


Be it product, service, or anything else, if you can review it well, you are required. Many companies are looking for mystery shoppers these days. These mystery shoppers go to targeted places as a customer, and give their review regarding the place based on their shopping experience. See how you can earn being a mystery shopper.

Contact the Organization

If you like this kind of work, your first step should be to contact an organization that is looking for mystery shoppers. Once done, you might need to clear a test (or another criteria required by the organization) to be their mystery shopper.

Different Experiences

Being a mystery shopper, you’ll get to review variety of products and services – eating joints, retail shops, beauty services, etc. You do not need to spend a single penny from your pocket; rather, the company will pay you to spend. Imagine spending a night in a hotel for free and writing your experiences the next day! Isn’t it great!

No Limit

Being a mystery shopper, you can review as many outlets as you want; only you decide the limit. Not only are you given money to spend, but also as commission and salary! It is one of the best methods to enjoy and earn.


As your experience as a mystery shopper increases, you can ask for more money for your reviews. You can also develop a reviewing website for a particular domain. If not anything, you can continue to work as a mystery shopper and enjoy all your experiences.

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