How to Start a Profitable Business in Just $200

First thing that comes to your mind if asked about starting a business is the capital. How much capital do you require to start a business? Well, rightly, it depends on the type of business. But, can you imagine starting a business with just $200? The answer is yes. All you need to have is a computer and an internet connection, and you can start your profitable business in just $200!business-in-200-dollars

Here is a step-by-step approach to your new business that will start giving you profit in around 90 days. You are going to make a blog of your own! Because it is all going to be online, you’ll not need to go anywhere.

How to Start a Profitable Business in Just $200

1. Buy a Web Hosting Service

Go ahead and buy a web hosting service from a reputed web hosting service provider. At maximum, you can get a web hosting service that will host unlimited number of domains for one year, in around $100. Now that you’ve spent $100 out of $200, you are left with $100.

2. Buy a Web Domain

Your web domain is your web address. You can get any “.com” domain in around $10 only. Go ahead and buy a domain depending upon your interest area and availability. Example: If you are interested in making a blog on making money, get a domain that somewhat relates to it.
You have $90 left with you.

3. Get a Theme for your Website

We suggest you get a free WordPress theme for your blog. A theme is the overall outlook of your blog. Search from free WordPress theme and choose the one that you feel will be suitable for your blog.

4. Write Content

Start writing posts for your blog, and post them regularly. If you start with writing 5 blog-posts per day, you will end up having around 450 posts at the end of 90 days. Make sure you post high-quality content on your portal.

5. Monetize

Monetize your blog once you have more than 50 posts on it. Apply for Google AdSense, BuySellAds, or similar kind of monetizing service. You can also apply private ads on your blog. Remember, you are still left with $90.

6. Time to Reap

Your blog will start giving you a decent amount at the end of 90 days, say $100 per month. You were earlier left with $90; you can use this $90 to buy another domain (s), and work on them with the same approach.

7. Sell your Blog

If at any time you feel like reaping the profits at once, you can sell your blog on It costs $30 to list your website on this portal. In general, you should price your blog at 12-20 times the monthly earnings of your blog. So, if your blog is earning $100/month, you can price it at $1,200 – $2,000 on
Even if you decide not to sell your blog, you get your investment back in just 2 months!

8. Money, Money, Money

Once your blog sells for the quoted amount, not only you have your investment back, but also multiple times profit, all in your pocket.

9. Repeat

Depending upon the profit you have, you can re-invest it. You can work on multiple portals simultaneously, grow them, and sell them per your discretion.

10. Enjoy!

While the time you are earning huge profits out of your small investment, do not forget to enjoy and donate!

This is how you can start a profitable business in just $200 (actually it came to be around $110 only!). This is one of the most successful models in online money-making. We wish success for your online business.

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