Legitimate Data Entry Jobs Online – Tips to Find a Good Online Job

Data entry is a very broad term which involves several occupations including electronic data processing, typing, word processing, coding and clerking. The actual process of data entry can vary. Data entryoperators work for microlabor that utilizes the crowd sourcing technology. There are traditional data entry companies as well. These are usually business process outsourcing outfits.

Legitimate Data Entry Jobs OnlineIn very simple words, data entry means operating equipment (which is often a keyboard) which inputs data into an organization’s system. In some case the person entering this data is also required to edit and verify this data as he or she enters it.

Several data entry positions fall within the definition given above. Data entry jobs require minimum skills and they pay the least amount of money. There are specialized data entry positions like medical coding and transcription which require the operator to hold a certificate or undergo training. Even if we take general transcription, it has several types which may require experience as well as speed as compared to a typical data entry job.

Many companies would allow only those persons to work off-site who have been trained by them. However, some data entry jobs can be done from home. Many online data entry jobs are actually scams. However, legitimate data entry work can also be found on the internet.

Legitimate companies offer several kinds of data entry jobs. Some of them also offer data entry work based in the office. Some jobs can be undertaken from the home. Most companies hire contractors for data entry work.

Finding legitimate data entry job online requires you to check all the data entry opportunities carefully and to recognize a scam. You must also never pay for a kit or software. It must also be kept in mind that data entry is not a very highly paid job so anyone who is promising to pay a lot of money is most probably not legitimate.

Like any other online working positions, data entry from home would pay less than doing the same work in an office. The reason for this phenomenon is not that online workers are willing to get less money so that they can stay at home. Rather, the reason is that online data entry is usually done by independent contractors. The minimum wage law does not apply on these contractors. These jobs are in direct competition with other world wide home-based jobs.

There is a variety of pay structures for online data entry jobs. These include the hourly wage, pay per piece, key strokes per hour or per word.

In America any pay structure other than the hourly wage is required by law to pay the minimum wage of the state in which the work is being carried out. Other types of pay structure offer ample opportunities for experienced data entry operators to make more money. There is another factor that affects the pay: the medium through which online data entry work is being sent to the operator.

Data entry operators logging on to a crowdsourcing site may not get enough work that will enable them to make a hefty sum.

Online data entry jobs require many skills including verification and editing of dat. These jobs pay more as compared to simply punching the data into the system. If the pay is on per piece basis,the rate will automatically be higher, however, this kind of work takes more time to get done. This automatically lessens the pay for an inexperienced person.

Transcription jobs are also advertised as data entry jobs. They usually require a higher level of accuracy and skill so they also pay more than simply key punching. The Bureau of labor statistics states that key punch operators are paid around $14 per hour on an average. This figure is valid for jobs carried out inside an office and does not include online jobs done from home.

The compensation for online data entry jobs carried out at home ranges for $1 to $14. Of course, you will never see an advertisement for a job that pays $1 an hour but the pay per piece structures are very complicated and usually end up as @1 per hour.

Finding a legitimate online data entry job requires you to recognize data entry job scam. This is easy if you have carried out some research and can apply your common sense. Your common sense will definitely tell you that any data entry job that offers to pay you a load is most probably a scam. There is a very definitive rule: any job that requires low or minimum skills would never pay more. Legitimate online data entry work typically pays less. With the help of some research you will be able to differentiate between a legitimate online data entry job and a scam.

Online data entry scams are not different for the rest of work from home scams. They could be ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, false certifications, or making you pay for resources that are freely available. You may b asked to pay a small fee in order to show your commitment. If you see anything like that on a website, it is a sign that you have stumbled upon a scam. There are different categories into which these scams fall.

In order to pin point a legitimate online data entry job you must recognize the following:

Affiliate Marketing

Usually, online data entry scams are actually affiliate marketing businesses. You would see them listed as non-traditional data entry. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business but the misleading advertisement makes it a scam. There are many other factors that render this business illegitimate like the promise of higher earnings as well as charging fee for free information. Affiliate marketing wouldn’t allow you to make money quickly. It needs creating a website, diverting traffic and selling products.
The same rule applies to all home-based working opportunities that require posting ads to online forums. These are usually pyramid schemes since they pay when you recruit more people.

Certification, business kits and training

There are other online scams that sell training, certification or classes that would help you get a good job. Some online data entry jobs do require training, however, most do not. You must make care investigation before opting for any such jobs.


Transcription is also a kind of data entry. There are a few online data entry scams that look like transcription jobs. They will ask you to get paid training or ask for a fee for list of companies hiring. Another scam requires applicants to take a test since legitimate online data entry jobs also require these tests. If you have stumbles upon a test, you will most likely fail and would be asked to get

Online forms

These scams would ask you to fill out online forms and make money in doing so. Whatever you need is provided. This is a classic scam that would allow you to process rebates using your own money. This money is seldom reimbursed.

Despite all this, it is possible to find legitimate online data entry jobs on the internet. These jobs,however, do not pay much. The salary structure for online data entry jobs vary and depend on several factors like your location, employer, contractor and level of your skills. The best way of finding legitimate data entry job online is to ask friends and acquaintances who have worked with an outfit.

This way you will be able to find a legitimate employer without having to carry our research about each online job available.

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