Make Money Developing WordPress Plug-ins

There are many ways in which you can make money online. Of course, you need to be skilled in some or the other domain to able to generate money out of online world.

If you have some knowledge in development, you can make some really good money developing plug-ins for WordPress websites. WordPress being one of the most popular blogging platforms is used by most of the bloggers around the world, and if you can develop special plug-ins for different bloggers, you can really soak some good money! Let us tell you how to go for it.


Learn Development

If it is only about developing plug-ins, it is not at all tough. You can be up and moving in not more than a month or so. Just take up a small course in development and practice as much as you can. Develop different plug-ins that been made already, with few tweaks from here and there. Experiment as much as you can. Learn as much as possible.

Hire a Developer

If you do not want to take pain of learning development and programming, hire a developer for yourself. Work on the terms that suit you. Research as to kind of plug-in can be required by certain website, and get it developed.

Sell Plug-ins

You can sell WordPress plug-ins either through your own website or someone else’s. You can also approach the person/website directly where the plug-in(s) developed by you can prove to be beneficial.

Mint Money

Once you have array of plug-ins to your name and good reputation in the market, you can raise the price of your products and mint more money out of it.

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