Make Money Selling E-books

You must have made money selling your old books in childhood, but have you thought of making money doing so now? Have you any books left to sell? No, we guess. Even if your answer is yes, you would not be able to fetch much out of it. Well, here is an idea for people who want to make money online – selling e-books. E-books are in these days. Gone are the days when people used to carry those heavy books in the bags. Also gone are the days when they have to flip ‘n’ number of pages to find a particular topic. Now, things are much lighter and easier. E-books do not take any space; thousands can come in your tab or laptop. Plus, it is easy to find content using “Ctrl. F”! Let us see how you can make money selling e-books!


How To Make Money Selling E-books

Write E-books of Your Own

If you are good at writing and know the art of writing books, you can write as many as you want, and sell the same through internet. You can sell your e-books either through your own portal or any other portal, like  iTunes, Amazon, etc. If well written, your e-books can fetch you really good money. However, it is suggested to take both approaches – to sell it on other portals and sell it through your own, too! In case you want to maintain exclusivity, you can write and sell your e-books from your own website.

Sell Others’ E-books

You can always sell e-books written by other people on your portal, and earn commission out of the sale. This is a hassle-free earning process where the e-books are sold from your portal and you get the commission.

E-books are the books of future. You can also escalate your business by selling audio-books in the same way, if you want.

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