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If you have good hold over English language, you can earn pretty well. A decent knowledge of English grammar with some healthy vocabulary can fetch you a good job at any time. Anyhow, if you do not want to enter into a job, you always have an option to be a freelance writer. Above all, if you have technical knowledge of any particular domain, your value increases manifold.


You’ll be surprised to know that not many people have great hold over their work domain and English language. Let us tell you how you can earn writing articles and blog-posts.


Job as a content developer can easily fetch you nearly 30K a month in India. All you need to be a content writer is to have good knowledge of English language with hold on grammar and vocabulary. Also, you should be aware about rules of English language, like usage of punctuations, etc. Usually, one has to clear a simple test in form of a sample write-up to fetch a job as a content developer.


Freelancers can earn limitlessly using their writing skills. Once you are an established content developer, you can easily earn up to $10 for a 500-word article. One can get freelance writing assignments from portals like oDesk, Elance, Freelancers, etc.


Writers can secure contracts from various bloggers who cannot maintain their blog on a daily basis. Freelance writers can work dedicatedly on a particular blog or can even write web content for companies and individuals. Web content can pay them as high as INR 5/word.


Freelance writers are paid based on their experience. One can easily switch jobs every 6 months, or at availability of opportunity. Also, one can choose his/her line as web content writer, article writer, or technical writer for a particular domain. To everyone’s surprise, this is one profile where you can earn good without any experience; all you need to have is good command over English language.

There are a lot of companies that pay really handsomely to domain specialists and experienced technical writers. It is also a great career opportunity!

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