The Self-Made – Justin Beiber

Most of us do know who Justin Beiber is. This brightly shining star is yet to shine fully, because he is just 18. Per Forbes, his earnings are $55 million as of May 2012! This self-made star is the 3rd richest celebrity in the world. Imagine being so rich at the age of just 18!

More About Justin Beiber

If it is about earnings and being famous, Justin Beiber tops the charts. This heartthrob musician currently lives in Los Angeles, California and originally belongs to Canada. With more than 21 million Twitter followers and around 43 million Facebook Fans, Justin Beiber is one of the most watched celebrities in the world.

How Did He Do it?

Justin Beiber was discovered by an American talent manager in 2008. The manager, Scooter Braun, came across Justin’s videos on YouTube and became his manager. Very soon, Justin was signed by Raymond Braun Media Group and Island Records.
And, Justin hasn’t looked back since then. This Canadian singer and songwriter is also a producer and an actor.


And, they say it rightly – fortune favors the brave. Justin would have never known he would be such a big star while he was uploading his videos on YouTube. His luck shone really brightly and he is one of the most famous celebrities now!

Talent Counts

Each and every star has made this big because of a lot of talent and a lot of luck. Once talented, you can always get noticed. Go ahead and prepare!

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