To the Developers, iOS Apps Can Help You Earn More

When it comes to developing apps, there are two major markets – iOS and Android. Both these operating systems have a neck-to-neck fight on securing major chunk in the mobile market. With iOS leading the race and Android not far behind, there can be a question as to which phone you want to go for, to get the best of features, apps, and services. Well, the scenario changes quickly if you are looking to develop mobile apps for either of the giants. A lot of developers find themselves in dilemma as to develop apps for iOS or Android market. We have the answer. Most of the developers prefer to go with iOS when it comes to developing apps. Below are the reasons for their choice.


Earning More by developing iOS Apps

iOS is More User-Friendly

Operating iOS has been found to be easier as compared to the Android. One only needs to have a credit card if buying from Apple’s market. On the other hand, buying from Android market needs you to have a Google Wallet account. Register, however, is not easy for every person out there and is enough to dip the mood.

More Revenue

On an average, an iOS app generates nearly four times revenue as compared to the similar Android app. To everyone’s surprise, per Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc., the company has given more than $5 billion to its developers to date. Imagine being a part of Apple’s developer community!

Large Consumer Base

Developing app for iOS, you expose it to vast consumer base. Per UberFacts, a verified Twitter user, more iPhones are sold than people are born everyday. Just imagine developing apps for such a large consumer base! There is extreme potential in developing apps for Apple’s app market.

We hope the post proves to be useful to all the developers out there! Happy app developing!

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