Top 5 Money Rules You Learn From School

School is the second most important institution in individual’s life, after family. An individual learns a lot of things from school, and is likely to choose his/her future path based on his performance and interests in this institution.

The education you take from your school matters a lot in deciding where you land up in later part of your life. Brighter students, generally, excel; whereas the average and the dull ones get stuffed in the not-so-higher strata of the world. The way you take your lessons and apply them in your real life matters a lot. Here are top 5 money rules you learn from your school, and adhere to (generally) for rest of your life.


Top 5 Money Rules You Learn From School


Actually it all depends on the social system of a country whether one needs to have enough savings with him/her at given point in time, for emergency and other similar occasions. In countries where there is no social security and the government does not pay you if you are not employed, you got to be prepared for your future. This is the lesson that is taught in schools – to save, for the times to come in future. Money has a lot of power and can earn you confidence and social status. Also, it is one of the most required things you might need, if any emergency arises.

Never be a Miser.

Well, this is a characteristic that an individual develops more from his/her family rather than school. The ones who do not spend are called misers and are not given much of respect, in general. Being a miser, one hoards money and possessions and compromises on a lot of things in life. Misers have been seen living miserably, at times. If you do not spend anything, there is no point earning it.

Do not buy anything you do not need.

People generally commit this mistake of buying a thing, considering it can be of use in future at any point in time; whereas most of the times, that thing is not used at all. This way, one keeps on accommodating things that are not useful at all. People also tend to buy things that are already present in their home, which again adds to their expenses. Therefore, it is taught at school to not buy anything you don’t need.

Do not be a spendthrift.

Always spend wisely. One is always taught not to spend extravagantly. Money is one of those things that never last. If will finish one day. Therefore, it is always suggested to spend your hard-earned money very wisely.


Always donate a part of your earnings towards a good cause; it will bring you satisfaction and contentment. There is a stratum of society that cannot earn as much and is largely dependent on people who donate. Be the one who comforts this stratum.

We hope you like the above 5 money rules. Do let us know if you have more; we would love to mention it here.

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